If a Tree Falls...


After we make our storm preparations, all we can do is hunker down and hope we don't hear the crash of a limb or tree. If something happens, here are some answers to FAQs about problems we hope you don't encounter.


Tree or Branch on Utility Lines

This is dangerous. Call the utility and report the situation, then stay clear.

Tree Falls on Borough Property

Contact us to remove it, 201-569-5252, even if the tree was on your property before it fell.

Tree Falls on my Property

If a neighbor's tree falls on your property, you are typically responsible for whatever portion is on your property.

Tree Damages my Property

Take photos for insurance as soon as possible. Contact your insurance company and report the claim as soon as possible. If the situation is dangerous, you'll need to remove the tree immediately and not wait for adjusters.  


Removing Your Own Trees or Tree Branches

If you have trees or substantial branches come down, unless you are experienced with a chainsaw, call us -- or another trained, insured, licensed professional -- not a handyman with a saw. Chainsaw accidents by untrained users are all too common and trees under load with heavy snow or ice are unpredictable even for professionals.